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1 January 2011

I'm having a little holiday for a while!


2 August

My hooves are still recovering from counting all the money from the collection boxes - and more money is still coming in!

To date, £10,500 has been raised for Bay Search & Rescue, and the barometer is still rising. The auction alone raised £5,500 - Fourteen sheep were auctioned for an average of £170 each, along with numerous generous lots donated by local businesses. Lord Cavendish’s bid secured that their mascot sheep, Red Ram, would remain at Cartmel Racecourse so I can still meet up with him for a pint in the Cavendish Arms. Two other sheepy friends are off to be used as BS&R collection boxes in Kendal’s shopping centres. And lots of my friends have found new homes in villagers' gardens.

The overwhelming interest and support for this project has resulted in Cartmel - Sheepy Village! becoming an annual event in Cumbria’s cultural calendar, with support from Cumbria Tourism, Cartmel Racecourse and Cartmel businesses. Plans are well underway for Cartmel - Sheepy Village! 2011 and I have already been approached by a dozen people eagerly wanting to sponsor the new flock.

Fundraising continues and people can continue to support BS&R by purchasing a souvenir Cartmel Sheepy Village! calendar (£5) from one of the Cartmel businesses.

People interested in sponsoring a sheep for 2011 can contact Richard English on 015395 36240 or download the information from this website.


18 July

Following the Cartmel Sheepy Trail and the Grand Sheep Auction on Saturday 17 July, nearly £10,000 has been raised for BS&R, and the barometer is still rising. 14 sheep were auctioned for an average of £160 each, along with other numerous lots donated from local businesses. 2011 Calendars are on sale in the village for £5 with all proceeds going to the charity. Plans are underway for Cartmel Sheepy Village 2011 and I will be making an appearance again, as will Red Ram who was bought By Lord Cavendish so he could stay at the Racecourse and oversee all the horse racing. He is hoping he can sneak in to a race, but as he can't see over the jumps I think he is being a bit optimistic!

Thank ewe to everyone who bid for my friends and have given them new homes. I'm going to rest now and put my hooves up, but look out for me again in 2011.


16 June

Alf Ramsey Sheep broke his leg playing on the airboat at Holker festival. He's got his leg in plaster now, and something called araldite is holding him together for his next outing on Friday at the Gardeners World fair. I'm quite happy here watching the world go by, but dogs don't seem to like me much!


9 June

Footballer Tony Adams was in the village today clutching his Sheepy Village Map. He found me and said 'Hello'. I hope he found all my friends in the rain!


6 June

Made friends with Golden Ramsey outside the Red Pepper and Baa-Lard who was looking very like a duck out of water! Golden was very well behaved and didn't swear once. Rory Resc-ewe has a new home guarding a big yellow house on Haggs lane. Good job he's not afraid of heights!


4 June

Just been admiring the lovely ladies in the village who are going to primary school. they are called Dotty, Dorothy and Doris. Alf Ramsey won't get to see them as he is at Holker Garden Festival having a go riding on the BS&R Airboat. Go and say 'hello'.


2 June

Had a lovely day at the Cavendish making lots of new friends while Alf Ramsey and Rory Rescewe hung out at the Racecourse with Blackpool Premier Sheep, who had his botty signed by one of the Blackpool FC bosses. Hes lucky to be going to Blackpool on 1 July to meet and be autographed by the whole team. We also raised loads of money for the Bay Search & Rescue team in the glorious sunshine.


29 May

Hello - we're getting ready for Cartmel Races today. Alf Ramsey Sheep will be there placing bets by the Grandstand.

Photo Competition

Come and take photos of me and my wooly friends in Cartmel this summer. Look for unusual angles or shots that includeone of us with a Cartmel landmark in the background.

All you need to do is EMAIL CARTMEL SHEEPY VILLAGE your photos (no more that 5 photos per entry). PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL PHOTOS ARE NO LARGER THAN 1 MEGABITE.

Join the Cartmel-Sheepy Village! Facebook group and we will upload and share your best photos of the sheep around Cartmel. We will also post them on the Flickr map.

The best entries will be selected for use in our website and print promotions for Cartmel - Sheepy Village 2011. The overall winning picture will be used as a greetings card or even on the 2012 Calendar. We have already printed Sheepy Calendars for 2011 and they will be on sale around the village for £5, helping raise even more money for Bay Search & Rescue.

Look at more sheepy photos and find them around the village on the Flickr map.


28 May

I'm going to be drinking champagne outside the Cavendish Arms on Saturday and watch all those funny people in the village who have come to bet on horses. What strange creatures they are! My Sheepy Trail maps are NOW on sale in the village and you can pick one up at the races on both Saturday 29 May and Wednesday 2 June.

Alf Ramsey Sheep is very excited. He has his own vehicle and will be making an appearance at the Sheepy Village Stall by the Grandstand. Do go along and say hello to him and meet some of the Bay Search and Rescue heroes, who helped rescue Rory the Sheep from the quicksands of Morecambe Bay the other week.

Baa Byee for now...


21 May

We have finished the photoshoot for the 2011 calendar and it will be on sale during the sheepy tail in the village. We hope to raise lots of funds for those guys and girls, who had to rescue Rory Sheep from the sands with one of their massive Hagglund trucks!

When he'd recovered Rory took photos of me with sparklers for the calendar. They were very hot and sparklee! Always make sure you are with an adult as fireworks can be very dangerous.

We've made some hot wheels for Alf Ramsey Sheep, who is a bit long in the tooth and he will be seen trundling around the village every now and then.

We all got very dirty on the beach and had to have a bath in an old tin bath full of bubbles. It beats the sheep dip any day.


5 May

All the 31 sheep, a few lambs, and a sheep dog have now all been taken away by their new foster parents. We had a lovely time at the Cavendish Arms and I met Paul Cousin, who painted the Cloudarama Superlambanana. I ate too much trifle, but wasn't allowd to know what was in the hotpot for some strange reason! Can't wait to meet all my new friends again when we launch the sheepy trail on 2 June.

I've also been helping Sandy from Baa Baa Green to make stickers featuring me and my new sheepy flock. We will be selling them soon to raise funds for Bay Search & Rescue.

Happy Easter - enjoy watching the real lambs frolicking in the Cartmel countryside.


26 March

I'm resting after my exciting adventures. I enjoyed meeting lots of humans at the Great Days Out event in Bowness last week. Getting ready to meet the other 29 ewes at our Foster the Flock night on 31 March. We will be swapping beauty secrets and will find out from our new guardians how we will be adorned and decorated.


22 March

This weekend I am going mountain climbing in the snow for the first photo shoot of the Cartmel-Sheepy Village! calendar. I'm well prepared with crampons and ice picks, so no need to alert mountain rescue!

I am also taking up scuba diving and have been training in Baaasenthwaite Lake. Sheep can swim, you know - a rather clumsy sort of 'doggy paddle'. Don't worry about the cold - my wooly fleece is excellent insulation.


1 March...

I have had a busy week and I have finally recovered from my kidnapping ordeal.

Went out in Cartmel with my friends Lady Baa Baa and Baab the Builder and we met Steeve Coogan doing some filming in the village. We were ewephoric!

Then I escaped and went jumping fences at the racecourse in the snow and got caught by the paparazzi!


Anyway, here are a few things you didn't know about me:

Born: Decembaa 2009

Birthplace: In a Baaar

Colour: midget yellow

Favourite car: Lamborghini / lambrover

Favourite bands: Bleatles / Ewe2 / Ewerythmics / baa baas shop quartets

Favourite songs: Baa Baa Baa Ram & baalads

Favourite perfume: Sheep Dip

Favourite drinks: Black sheep / Sheep dip

Favourite food: Rum baba / baaanoffi pie / Lambs lettuce

Favourite composer: Baach

Footballing heroes: Jose Marino / Alan Shearer

Least favourite instrument: Baaaagpipes

Favourite wool garment: Baaalaclava

Favourite transport: Baaaloon

Favourite knot: Sheepshank

Least favourite food: Lancashire hot pot

Afraid of: Mint sauce

Least favourite artist: Damien Hirst

Favourite Racehorses: Red Ram and Sherbaa

For information about visiting and staying in Cartmel go to www.cartmelvillage.com





Primary School Sheep

Ewegene and pals

Alf Ramsey

Blackpool FC Boss

Horse eating Red Ram

Look at me not Red Ram

Golden Ramsey


Rory Resc-ewe on guard

Rescuing Rory

Sheepy on sands

Official sheep photographer

Ewegene with sparklers

Baaath time

Foster the Flock night

Premier sheep has wheels!